Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Consulting Discount!!!!!!

From now until the end of March we are offering 10% off of our consulting services for new clients. If you are interested in more information on working with an Adoption Consultant contact me at

In addition our Minority Program is always 10% off for clients open to adopting full AA children. So that would be a 20% discount during this time for our Minority Program.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Available Situation UPDATE

1.) Bi-Racial Girl, FL, $25K

2.) Bi-Racial Twins, $40K

3.) AA Girl, $16K

4.) AA Boy, UT, $16K

5.) AA Boy, UT, $16K

6.) AA Boy, Feb 28, $17K

7.) AA Boy, May 4, $17K

8.) Caucasian Boy, March 8, $30K

9.) Hispanic Boy, March 11, $30K

10.) CC/Hisp, March 29, $30K

For more information on how working with an Adoption Consultant can help you on your adoption journey, contact me at