Thursday, December 24, 2009

Please Keep Our Family in Your Prayers

Our family has suffered an incredible loss. My husband's brother Derek was killed in a car accident yesterday. We would appreciate your prayers during this difficult time.

Our brother Derek was a champion, a true hero living out what he preached about adoption.
Here's what one of our dear friends, Randy Bohlender wrote:

"Derek leaves a beautiful wife, Renee, and ten children, two biological daughters, five girls adopted from the Marshall Islands, and three sons adopted from the Ukraine. They are quite possibly the most beautiful assembly of human beings I have ever seen.

Derek was a powerful musician, singer and songwriter…but it was his message of adoption that rocked most of us to our core – and then he had the audacity to live out his own message right on front of us, daring us to do the same."

For more information visit my family blog at

and Derek and Renee's blog at

To read more about their ministry plase visit

If you need to contact me about adoption please give me a few weeks to mourn this loss. If you have immediate questions please email

I will be back to work soon. Doing what I do, helping other families adopt, is one small way that I can keep the flame that Derek lit so boldly burning.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Congratulations Chandler and Susie

Chandler and Susie started with Christian Adoption Consultants on November 6, 2009.
I finished their profile around December 9th, just as they were finishing their home study update.

On DECEMBER 9th we rushed to get their profile to a situation that we became aware of that same day! On December 10th they were presented to a birth mom and were chosen to be the parents to this beautiful baby girl. (This precious one was 6 months old)

I am happy to report that this happy little family made it home this past weekend. Just in time to prepare to celebrate their first Christmas together!

MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS, Susie, Chandler and Baby "M"

If you are interested in learning more about Christian Adoption Consultants please email me at or call me directly 816-550-4707.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Current Available Situations

The list below is representative of some of the situations available to our current clients. (See sidebar for information on how we come to post these situations)

Biracial Twins due in June in VA (UT laws will govern adoption) Agency fees of 30K includes all legals but finalization and 9K in assistance to mom

African American Baby Boy due Feb. 6th in AZ Agency fees of 10K plus 2K in assistance to mom and legals of 5K for in state family and $6500 for out of state families

Caucasian Unknown gender baby due in Feb. in NV (UT laws will govern) Agency fees of 18,500 includes all legals but finalization plus 7K in assistance to mom

African American Baby boy due Jan. 15th in IN Agency fees of 10K plus 3K in assistance to mom plus legals

African American baby girl due Jan 2010 in UT Agency fees of 18,500 plus medical (5-6K)

For more information email me at or call me at 816-550-4707

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Congratulations Brian and Courtney

This handsome little guy is a miracle. And I am so blessed to have played a small part in seeing him brought into his forever family.

And for proof that even big families can adopt, here he is getting loved on by each of his 9 siblings!

Congratulations to the entire "Rockstar Family" on the birth of your son and brother! He's a "Rockstar" for sure! If you'd like to know more about this precious family, visit their blog at STORING UP TREASURES.

For more information on our services please contact me at or call me 816-550-4707

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Nora!

Today is Nora's Birthday! Another true gift from God to this precious family.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Updated Adoption Situations

Bi-racial (AA/CC) boy, Due: Dec 09, UT, $30K

AA boy, Dec, $17K

AA boy, Dec, $16-18K

CC unk gender, UT, March 2010, $30K

AA unk gender, IL, Dec, $15K

AA boy, IN, Jan, $16K

CC unk gender, Feb, $25K

AA unk gender, Nov, $12K

CC unk gender, IN, Feb, $35-39K

For more information about our adoption services please visit our website or call me at 1-816-550-4707

Monday, October 26, 2009

Buy a 2010 Calendar and Support Adoption

100% of the suggestion donation for these awesome calendars will go to The Zoe Foundation
The "cover girl is none other than my daughter Elia Jane, pictured above in my header.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Discount and New Adoption Situations

I am happy to share that we are currently offering a 10% discount on any of our consulting packages! And for those of you open to Minority Adoption (AA), you will get the Fall Discount in addition to the 10% Minority Program Discount.

If you're thinking of adopting and want to talk more about CAC and the services we offer, email me at or give me a call at 816-550-4707

Here are some of the situations currently available through the agencies we work with:

* African American Baby boy due Dec. 10 in UT Agency Fee of 16K plus medical of 6-8K

* African American Baby Unknown gender due Nov. 10 in UT Agency Fee of 16K plus medical of 6-8K

* Hispanic/African American Baby Unknown gender due Nov. 24 in UT Agency Fee of 24,500 plus medical of 6-8K

* Caucasian/African American Baby Unknown gender due Dec. 10 in UT Agency Fee of 21,00 plus medical of 6-8K

* 1/4 Arabic/ 3/4 Caucasian Baby boy due Dec. 8 in UT Agency Fee 30K total including all expenses and medical

* African American Baby girl due Nov. 23 in UT Agency Fee of 16K plus medical of 6-8K

* African American Baby boy due Dec. 1 in UT Agency Fee of 16K plus medical of 6-8K

*Caucasian Baby Unknown gender due in Dec. in IN Agency fee of 25K plus legal and 4K in assistance to mom

* Caucasian Baby Unknown gender due in March in UT Agency fee of 25K - includes legals and ICPC for out of state families plus 6K in expenses to mom

* African American Baby boy due Dec. 14 in AZ Agency fee of 10K plus legal and 4K in living expenses for mom

* Portuguese/Afghan Baby Unknown gender due in Feb. in CA (CA law or your state's laws can apply) Agency fee plus legal and 4K in living expenses for mom

* Caucasian Baby Unknown Gender due in Feb. in IN Agency fees of 25K plus legal plus 4K in assistance to mom

* African American Baby boy due in Dec. in IL Agency fees of 10K plus 2K in assistance to mom and IL legals (approx. 5-6K)

* see note in sidebar regarding our adoption situations.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Updates: NORA

I love when I am able to stay in touch with the adoptive families that I've worked with. This baby Nora, now 10 months old. Isn't she absolutely gorgeous. Her mommy and daddy were working with me last year at this time.

Nora and Big Brother Tate

Nora and Mommy

Honestly, can you stand that much cuteness?

John and Jackie, It is a blessing to know you and call you friends. I'm so blessed to have played a tiny part in bringing Nora into your family. God is so good!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Congratulations AGAIN Steve and Tiffany

One of my 2008 couples, just completed their 2nd adoption! Congratulations Steve and Tiffany on the birth of your beautiful daughter.

Steve and Tiffany are an incredible couple with a huge heart for adoption. They completed their first adoption in November of 2008 STORY HERE.

Eight weeks after deciding to pursue a 2nd adoption, they welcomed this little beauty to their family.

I'm so blessed to know this incredible family and to have played a small part in helping their family grow.

For more information about adoption contact me at

Friday, October 9, 2009

Available Situation UPDATE

AA, Gender UNK, Due Nov 1st, 16K + medical
AA, Gender UNK, Due Nov 10th, 16K + medical
Hisp/AA, Gender UNK, Due Nov 24th, 24.5K + medical
3/4AA 1/4CC, Gender UNK, due Dec 10th, 21K + medical
AA, Girl, due Dec 26th, 16K + medical (6-8K)

AA, boy, due Nov 10th, 16K + medical
AA, boy, due Nov 13th, 16K + medical

CC, girl, due Dec, 28.5K plus possible living expenses
Biracial, Gender UNK, Due Nov, 27.5K plus living expenses
CC, Gender UNK, Due Feb
CC, Boy, due Jan, 28.5K plus living expenses
AA, Boy, due Nov, 12K plus living expenses
AA, Boy, due Dec, 10K plus living/legal


For more information on how and Adoption Consultant can benefit you in your adoption journey, please contact me at or call 816-550-4707

Congratulations Tim and Mandy

Tim and Mandy just welcomed a beautiful baby girl to their family!

They started with CAC on 6/30/09
Finished their home study with their local agency on 8/26/09
Were matched with a birth mom on 9/4/09
Their daughter was born 9/28/09 (5 weeks early)

If you would like more information about how Christian Adoption Consultants can help you on your adoption journey, contact me at or give me a call at 816-550-4707.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Available Situation UPDATE

AA female, Due Nov 6, 16K + medical
CC male, Due Oct 8, 30.5K + medical
Hisp female, Due Jan, 30.5K + medical
CC unk gender, Due Jan, 30.5K + medical

CC male, due Jan, 27.5K fees/legals + living expenses
AA male, Due Nov 10K plus legals and living expenses
CC unk gender, Due Feb, 28.5K fees/legals + living
AA male, Due Nov 2, 12K + legals/living
AA male, Due Dec, 12K plus legals
AA male, Due late Oct, 18K fees/legals, 2K living

AA male, Oct 11th, 16K +medical
CC/AA male, Oct 14th, 24.5K +medical
CC/AA gen unk, Nov 11th, 24.5K +medical

Please see the note in the side bar for an explanation of the available situations that we post. For more information on our services please email me at

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Available Situation UPDATE

Updated Agency Situations as of Monday, September 14th:

African American boy due Nov. 2 Agency Fees 12K plus legal
TWINS - Caucasian girls due in Nov. Agency Fees 28,500 plus 10K in medical and expenses for mom
African American Baby Boy due Oct. 11 Agency Fees 16K plus medical
CC/AA Baby Boy due Oct. 14 Agency Fees 24,500 plus medical
CC/AA Gender Unknown Baby due Nov.11 Agency Fees 24,500 plus medical
Caucasian Gender Unknown Baby due in March Agency Fees 38K
African American Unknown Gender Baby due in Dec. Agency Fees 18K
African American Baby Boy due in Oct. Agency Fees 20K
Biracial Baby Girl due in Dec. Agency Fees 33K

If you are interested in learning more about our services as adoption consultants contact me at or feel free to give me a call 816-550-4707

Please read the information on the side bar that explains our services, how and why we post these situations.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Alana's Adoption Movie

This is an amazing adoption video that one of my couples, Paul and Michelle put together to celebrate the birth and adoption of their daughter Alana Michelle.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Financing Your Adoption- Webinar August 27th

I encourage you to check this out if you are interested in learning more about FINANCING YOUR ADOPTION. I'd like to thank our friends at The Abba Fund for spreading the word!

They will cover ways you can access the resources available to adopting families as well as creative ways to raise awareness and funds for your adoption. Topics include interest-free adoption loans, tax-credits, grants, church adoption funds, and creative fundraisers.

Cost is $15. Space is limited. Register HERE at their website.

Upcoming webinar:

Launching a Church Adoption Fund: For many families the number one obstacle to adoption is the cost. However, local churches can help families meet this challenge in a meaningful way. This webinar will provide a detailed overview of how to establish a simple yet effective church adoption assistance fund.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Congratulations Travis and Tanya

Congratulations on the birth of your handsome son!

Travis and Tanya started with CAC in early July, finished their home study the first week in August, were matched on August 5th, and their handsome son was born on August 11th. It has been quite an exciting whirlwind for this happy couple.

If you would like information on how working with an adoption consultant can benefit you in your adoption journey, please email me at

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Consent, Revocation, Finalization???? What Does It All Mean?

A lot of the fear surrounding adoption is in regards to the lack of understanding of these three important adoption vocabulary words. I'm hoping with a little "Adoption Vocabulary 101," I can demystify some of it for you!

Consent: Consent refers to the agreement by a parent, or a person or agency acting in place of a parent, to relinquish the child for adoption and to release all rights and duties with respect to that child. In most States, the consent must be in writing and either witnessed and notarized or executed before a judge or other designated official.

Revocation: The revocation period refers to the length of time the birth mother or father has to change their mind after signing consent.

Finalization: Finalization hearings usually take place within a year of the time the child is placed in the home. Your adoption is not legally complete until you have gone through the finalization process. Prior to finalization, post-placement visits are required to be preformed by the social worker who initially completed the home study. The court will seek to establish that the child has been placed in a loving, secure home. You should be prepared to present all information included in your adoption petition, and to answer questions about why you want to adopt, how you will care for your child, how your family is and will continue adjusting, and anything else the court feels is relevant. When the judge signs the adoption order, you gain permanent, legal custody of your child! Finalization is the last formal step of the adoption process, but just the beginning of your new family.

Variations in Law from State to State: The important thing to remember is that adoption law varies from state to state. The time period in which consent is signed varies from state to state. Revocation periods do not exists in all states. There are states where consent is irrevocable at the time of signing. The length of time before finalization also varies from state to state, from as little as a few days to as long as a year.

Working with an adoption consultant can help you to understand the adoption process more fully so that your adoption take place safely and quickly. If you are interested in learning more about domestic adoption and have questions about how an adoption consultant can help, please contact me.

Tracie Loux
Adoption Consultant

Congratulations Craig and Linda

Congratulations to my dear friends, Craig and Linda on the birth of their son Samuel.

Craig and Linda have an incredible family of now 8 children, proving that YES, even large families can adopt!

This little one is about to be smothered with LOVE!

If you would like more information on adoption, contact me at

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Congratulations Paul and Michelle

Congratulations, Paul and Michelle on the birth of your beautiful baby girl! 

Paul and Michelle completed their home study at the beginning of March and were matched on May 25th. They flew out to pick up their baby girl on May 26th and she was in their arms on May 27th. 

This is truly an incredible story and if you'd like to read more,  you can visit their blog HERE.

God, you are so faithful!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday to My First Client's Baby

Jeremiah is the son of my very first clients. He turned 1 year old only on April 16th. Jeremiah was born 10 weeks early. When I got a contact from an agency needing a family willing to accept a baby who was premature with a grade 4 brain bleed on his left side making him high-risk for cerebral palsy, blindness and deafness, oh and one that was willing walk through a lengthy hospital stay, I immediately thought of Dean and Chrystal. 

The kicker was that this agency was not a local one, this precious little boy was in Dean and Chrystal's home town!

I had the honor of visiting this little one in the hospital when he was just a few days old. I remember looking at this tiny bundle who was swaddled up tight (about as big as a burrito) and marveling at the goodness of God. He was a precious miracle, a LIFE created by God, and he was being placed in an amazing family. 

To read more about how Jeremiah is doing today, visit his blog HERE!

Here's a family picture taken this winter by my son Nicholas.

And here I am with Jeremiah at The Zoe Foundation Banquet (adoption fundraiser)


I love you, Jeremiah. Your life is so precious to me! 

Friday, May 8, 2009

Kansas City Adoption Workshop- REGISTER NOW!

Monday May 11th, 7PM  (full details below)

Registration extended til Sunday! There are still seats available. 
Email me at

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kansas City Adoption Workshop

Thank you to all of you who have been waiting patiently for me to get back from Ukraine and have this workshop!

Here are the details:
DATE: Monday, May 11th
TIME: 7:00PM
PLACE: Hope For Adoption
6240 West 135th Street
Overland Park, KS 66223
(In the Deer Creek Office Building- has a large State Farm Office in it)

Registration is required, but the workshop is FREE!!

Please RSVP with 
1) names of those attending 
2) your address 
3) the best phone number to contact you 

Please RSVP by May 4th so that I am sure I have enough space! 
Call: 816-550-4707

I will be giving a step by step overview of the domestic adoption process, as well as an overview of services with Christian Adoption Consultants.

If you are unable to make this meeting, but would like to get more information on Domestic Adoption or on the benefits of using an adoption consultants, please email me to set up a time to get together for a free initial consultation.

BONUS: Any one who is ready to sign up the night of the workshop will receive 10% off their consulting package.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Celebrating TWO YEARS

It has been two years now since the adoption of our daughter Elia Jane. WOW!

I will be forever grateful to Amy and Malcolm at Christian Adoption Consultants for walking with my husband and I through our first adoption and playing such a huge part in seeing Elia become part of our family.

I consider it an honor to now work for them, and to help others as they take their own adoption journeys.

Congratulations Kent and Linette

Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful baby girl!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Personal Update

For those of you tracking with this blog that do not follow my personal blog, this will be news to you:

My husband and I are adopting two children and I will be out of the country from February 1st- Mid-March. (My return date is yet unknown) Our personal adoption blog is The blog is private and requires that you set up a wordpress user account at and then email me with your user name at to introduce yourself and ask to be given permissions.

I will have email access while out of country, but my responses may be delayed. You can email me at for adoption information. You may also visit our website at, go to FORMS and download our adoptive parent packet, contract, and application if you are interested in our service.

In my absence you may also email questions to and one of our staff will be happy to assist you!

Tracie Loux

(Nick, Taylor, Momma, Elia, Daddy, and Isabelle.... soon to be pictured with TWO MORE!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Zoe Foundation

Our dear friends Randy and Kelsey Bohlender who have started and adoption ministry called THE ZOE FOUNDATION are hosting a Fundraiser in Cincinnati on February 26th. If you have a heart for adoption and would like to attend please visit their website for more information.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Adoption Seminar in North Carolina

Our adoption seminar in NC will be at the offices of Nathanson Adoption Services.

The address is:

7400 Carmel Executive Park, Suite 355
Charlotte, NC 28226

It will take place Feb 21 and last from 10 AM to 12 PM

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about the adoption process this is a must attend event!
Topics for the semiar include:

* How to Adopt Safely and Affordably
* Types of Adoption
* Home Study Process and Fees
* How to choose the right Adoption Agency
* Simplifying the Adoption Process and Paperwork
* Common Adoption Myths
* Typical Adoption Costs and Agency Fee Breakdown
* How to Creatively Fund your Adoption
* Frequently Asked Questions

To get more information or to register to attend, call 888-833-1114 or email

Seating is limited and reservations are taken on a 'first come, first serve basis.'

We look forward to seeing you there!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Adoption Fundraiser

One of my new couples, Craig and Linda are dear friends and have opened up their home and their heart to adoption. They had a fund raising event just before Christmas that I had the honor of attending.

My very own adoption miracle, Elia Jane!

Sharing my heart on adoption.

Therese and Lou Engle were able to attend this event. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and are so grateful that they carry the message of the Spirit of Adoption as they speak around the nation.

Craig and Linda sharing their hearts at the gathering.

Brianne, my daughter Isabelle's best friend, sharing a dream she had about her family adopting children.

I love this family so much and cannot wait to see what God will do in their lives in 2009 as they open their hearts and their home to the child God has for them.