Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Please make note that I will no longer be posting on this website.
My new blog address is www.thespiritofadoption.wordpress.com
If you follow my blog, please take note of the change, and if you have a blog link to my blog on your blog, please edit the address!!!

Thanks a bunch,

Family Photo: Brett and Lori

I know I already posted a congratulations to Brett and Lori, but they now have a sweet "family picture" that I wanted to share.

This big brother waited and prayed faithfully a long time for his precious sister! Don't you just love this!

Available Situation Update

CC, gender unk, due in Sept, AZ, 28.5K plus 6K living
CC/AA, gender unk, due June 15, AL, 30K
CC/Hisp, gender unk, due Nov, IL, 20K plus 5K living
3/4 Hisp/1/4 NA baby boy, due Aug 28th, UT 30K plus full medical (5-7K) ICWA legals are 3K
3/4 AA, 1/4 CC boy, due July 28th, UT 16K plus possible medical (5-7K), possible special needs (contact for more details)
AA baby girl, due July 27th, GA 16K plus 4K legal (BM has sickle cell trait)
AA baby boy, due July 12th, VA 16K plus 5K legal

For more information about our services, please contact me at tracie@christianadoptionconsultants.com