Thursday, April 22, 2010

Available Situation Update

Caucasian, Unk Gender, July, $34K

Caucasian/Hispanic, unk Gender, Nov, $25-$30K

Caucasian/AA, Boy, June, $33K

Caucasian/AA, Boy, June, $25K

Caucasian, Boy, Apr 25, $30K

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Together for Easter

Just couldn't resist posting this "happy reunion" photo, as Baby Joanna meets her awesome siblings just in time for Easter!
Congratulations once again Jason and Dawn!

Adoption Tax Credit Update

I always cringe when I'm asked to explain the adoption tax credit and usually manage to muddle my way through it with a "but please please ask your accountant to explain it to you" at the end!

You may have heard that the tax credit has been extended and that it has been improved. Great news for all of you starting your adoption journey this year!

For the best explanation I have read of the Adoption Tax Credit CLICK HERE!! and read an article written by attorney John Hine and adoption expert Laura Beauvais-Godwin.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Available Situation Update

CC, gender UNK, Due July in FL (28.5K plus living)
CC, gender UNK, Due June in AZ (28.5K plus living)

AA male, due Ap 9, 16K plus medical (UT)
Bi-racial Male, due Ap 26, 22.5K plus legal (LA)
Bi-racial Male, Due May 11, 22.5K plus medical (UT)
CC, female, May 22, 30.5K plus medical (UT)

CC, male, May 28, 25K, UT (drug exposure, birthmom hospitalized on bedrest)
AA, gender UNK, 16K plus 4K legal, (UT)
CC/NA, girl, 30K plus 4.5K legal (alcohol exp 1st 2 months of preg, birthmom has Hep C)
AA, gender UNK, April 17 (in VA under UT law) 16K plus 4K legal
CC/AA, gender UNK, due May 1st, 24K plus 5K legal (NJ)