Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Available Situation UPDATE

URGENT: AA baby boy with a scheduled induction date of April 9 in UT, but mom has already been to the hospital once with contractions, so it could be sooner. Agency fees are 16K plus medical.

Other Situations:
Hisp Baby boy due April 15 in UT. Agency fees are 25K plus medical. (Application for Medicaid is in, so may be minor medical fees. Mom has used meth during this pregnancy.)

CC baby boy due May 28 in UT. Agency fees are 25K. (Mom used meth during this pregnancy. Baby will probably come early - she is on bedrest for the remainder of her pregnancy.)

AA baby unknown gender due April 25 in UT. Agency fees are 16K plus medical.

CC/Native American baby girl due May 5 in OK. (UT laws will govern.) Agency fees of 30K plus legal of 4.5K. Mom has Hep C, so there is a 5% chance baby will, also.

AA baby unknown gender due April 17 in VA. (UT laws will govern.) Agency fees of 16K plus 4K legals.

AA/CC baby unknown gender due May 1 in NJ. Agency fees are 24K plus legal of 5K.

CC baby unknown gender due in FL in July Agency fees of 28.5K, plus 6K in living exp

AA baby unknown gender due in MS (UT laws will govern) in May agency fees of 17K plus 2K in living exp.

CC baby unknown gender due in June in AZ Agency fees are 28,500 plus 12K in assistance to mom. She has placed twice before with this agency.

Hisp baby unknown gender due in May in AZ. Agency fees of 28K plus 5K in assistance to mom.

AA baby unknown gender due in April in AZ. Agency fees of 19K for out of state residents and17K for AZ residents plus 2K in assistance to mom.

AA/CC Baby boy due in UT May 11. Agency fees of 22.5K plus medical.

Contact me for more info on these situations or for more info about Christian Adoption Consultants and the services we offer.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Congratulations Jason and Dawn

Isn't she a beauty?

Are you ready for this? Jason and Dawn signed a contract with Christian Adoption Consultants on March 22, 2010. They were presented with two possible situations that very next day and were officially matched on March 24, 2010 with a baby that had been born on March 23rd. They signed all their matching paperwork and got on a plane early the next morning to meet their daughter.

When I tell people who are open to minority adoption that they could literally be matched in days, I'm not sure they really believe me. Do you believe me now?

Feel free to hop over the Dawn's blog and congratulate them!

For more information on our Minority Adoption Program email me at

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Congratulations Joe and Erin

Joe and Erin started their home study process in August 2009 and finished their home study in November 2009. They began applying to agencies in December 2009. They were matched in a whirlwind the weekend of March 13th with a precious little boy who had already been born. They had to drive 5 hours to catch a plane since there were no flights out in their city that weekend. And I think within 24 hours, their son was in their arms.

Congratulations Joe and Erin on the birth of your son! You get an A+ for stepping into high gear and for your sudden initiation into the joys of parenthood! So happy for you guys!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mac Powell Family Testimony

I wanted to share this amazing adoption testimony from Mac and Amy Powell.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Celebrating Adoption in OUR HOME!

Our family celebrated the birth of two of our children this month!

Our son Aiden who we adopted last year from Ukraine, celebrated his first birthday as an American citizen and as OUR SON! Happy 4th Birthday, my precious boy!

Elia Jane (pictured in my header) just turned 3 years old. Elia was adopted at birth here in the United States. She has opened our hearts to the beauty of adoption, and it is because of Elia that I do what I do today, helping other couples walk out their adoption journeys.
For more about our family, please feel free to pop over to our family blog at

Available Situation Update

CC, Unk Gender, due July, 28.5K plus 6K living
AA, Unk Gender, due May, 17K plus 2K living
AA, Unk Gender, due April, 17-19K, plus 2K living
Hisp, Unk Gender, Due May, 28K, plus 5K living
CC, Unk Gender, due June, 28.5K, plus 12K living

Bi-racial, Male, due May 25, 22.5K plus medical
CC/Hisp, Male, due March 29, 30.5K plus medical
CC/Hisp, Male, due April 27, 30,5K plus medical

Hisp, Male, May 18, 30K plus 5-7K medical (BM used Meth)
AA, Unk Gender, April 12, 16K plus 5-7K medical
AA, Unk Gender, April 25, 16K plus 5-7K medical
AA, Unk Gender, May 18, 16K plus 5-7K medical

Please contact me for more information on how and Adoption Consultant can help you on your adoption journey. or call 816-550-4707

REMINDER: Any one signing up for consulting services in MARCH will receive a 10% discount off of their consulting fees. If you are open to considering our MINORITY PROGRAM, you would receive 20% off for the month of MARCH (normally a 10% discount).

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Minority Adoption

There is a great need for couples open to considering minority adoption (African American newborns). If you are interested please contact me at

For the month of March we are offering 20% off consulting services for our Minority Program.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Updated Adoption Situations

Updated as of today:

Hisp Baby Boy due May 18th in UT -30K plus medical of 5-7K

AA Baby Boy due March 24th in UT -16K plus medical of 5-7K

AA Baby of Unknown Gender due April 3 in UT -16K plus medical of 5-7K

CC Unknown gender due in AZ in June -28.5K plus 12K in assistance to mom

AA/CC Baby Girl due in FL in April-25K total - includes all but finalization

AA/CC TWINS (Boy/Girl) will be born in VA - UT laws will govern Due in June. - 30K includes all but finalization and 9K in assistance to mom

AA Baby boy due March 12 in UT -16K plus medical

AA/CC Baby Boy due May 25 in UT -22.5K plus medical

Hisp Baby Boy due March 11 in UT -30.5K plus medical

CC Baby Girl due March 16 in UT -30.5K plus medical

CC/Hisp Baby boy due March 29 in UT -30.5K plus medical

If you have any questions regarding these situations or the services we provide at CAC, email me anytime at

AND DON'T FORGET: We are offering 10% off our consulting services for the month of MARCH only, an additional 10% off applies to all clients in our Minority Program (ask for details).