Thursday, March 4, 2010

Updated Adoption Situations

Updated as of today:

Hisp Baby Boy due May 18th in UT -30K plus medical of 5-7K

AA Baby Boy due March 24th in UT -16K plus medical of 5-7K

AA Baby of Unknown Gender due April 3 in UT -16K plus medical of 5-7K

CC Unknown gender due in AZ in June -28.5K plus 12K in assistance to mom

AA/CC Baby Girl due in FL in April-25K total - includes all but finalization

AA/CC TWINS (Boy/Girl) will be born in VA - UT laws will govern Due in June. - 30K includes all but finalization and 9K in assistance to mom

AA Baby boy due March 12 in UT -16K plus medical

AA/CC Baby Boy due May 25 in UT -22.5K plus medical

Hisp Baby Boy due March 11 in UT -30.5K plus medical

CC Baby Girl due March 16 in UT -30.5K plus medical

CC/Hisp Baby boy due March 29 in UT -30.5K plus medical

If you have any questions regarding these situations or the services we provide at CAC, email me anytime at

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