Monday, September 28, 2009

Available Situation UPDATE

AA female, Due Nov 6, 16K + medical
CC male, Due Oct 8, 30.5K + medical
Hisp female, Due Jan, 30.5K + medical
CC unk gender, Due Jan, 30.5K + medical

CC male, due Jan, 27.5K fees/legals + living expenses
AA male, Due Nov 10K plus legals and living expenses
CC unk gender, Due Feb, 28.5K fees/legals + living
AA male, Due Nov 2, 12K + legals/living
AA male, Due Dec, 12K plus legals
AA male, Due late Oct, 18K fees/legals, 2K living

AA male, Oct 11th, 16K +medical
CC/AA male, Oct 14th, 24.5K +medical
CC/AA gen unk, Nov 11th, 24.5K +medical

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Available Situation UPDATE

Updated Agency Situations as of Monday, September 14th:

African American boy due Nov. 2 Agency Fees 12K plus legal
TWINS - Caucasian girls due in Nov. Agency Fees 28,500 plus 10K in medical and expenses for mom
African American Baby Boy due Oct. 11 Agency Fees 16K plus medical
CC/AA Baby Boy due Oct. 14 Agency Fees 24,500 plus medical
CC/AA Gender Unknown Baby due Nov.11 Agency Fees 24,500 plus medical
Caucasian Gender Unknown Baby due in March Agency Fees 38K
African American Unknown Gender Baby due in Dec. Agency Fees 18K
African American Baby Boy due in Oct. Agency Fees 20K
Biracial Baby Girl due in Dec. Agency Fees 33K

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Monday, September 7, 2009

Alana's Adoption Movie

This is an amazing adoption video that one of my couples, Paul and Michelle put together to celebrate the birth and adoption of their daughter Alana Michelle.