Monday, September 28, 2009

Available Situation UPDATE

AA female, Due Nov 6, 16K + medical
CC male, Due Oct 8, 30.5K + medical
Hisp female, Due Jan, 30.5K + medical
CC unk gender, Due Jan, 30.5K + medical

CC male, due Jan, 27.5K fees/legals + living expenses
AA male, Due Nov 10K plus legals and living expenses
CC unk gender, Due Feb, 28.5K fees/legals + living
AA male, Due Nov 2, 12K + legals/living
AA male, Due Dec, 12K plus legals
AA male, Due late Oct, 18K fees/legals, 2K living

AA male, Oct 11th, 16K +medical
CC/AA male, Oct 14th, 24.5K +medical
CC/AA gen unk, Nov 11th, 24.5K +medical

Please see the note in the side bar for an explanation of the available situations that we post. For more information on our services please email me at

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