Thursday, May 28, 2009

Congratulations Paul and Michelle

Congratulations, Paul and Michelle on the birth of your beautiful baby girl! 

Paul and Michelle completed their home study at the beginning of March and were matched on May 25th. They flew out to pick up their baby girl on May 26th and she was in their arms on May 27th. 

This is truly an incredible story and if you'd like to read more,  you can visit their blog HERE.

God, you are so faithful!


Kessler Kido said...

I love reading your post and the links to the different families' blogs. I am rejoicing with these people I've never meet. Wild thing - from Paul and Michelle's blog it looks like they are affiliated with the Rock of Roseville. This is the church Bryan and I attended when we were in California getting Anna! We'd never heard of it until we got there and did a search for a HOP to attend on Sunday. Cool how things come full circle!
May the Lord continue to bless CAC! We're so grateful for you guys!

Bridget said...

Hi, I ran across your blog a couple weeks ago. I love reading about adoption.I was wondering if you wouldn't mind sharing your adoption journey or story over at my blog. We are currently praying about adoption and I just posted it on my blog. If not can I link my readers to you? Thank you~ Bridget