Friday, September 19, 2008

Congratulations Randy and Kelsey

My dear friends Randy and Kelsey just got their home study done, I finished their profile, and got them headed in the right direction with agency applications, and WHAAA LA, God had other plans!

In a swirl of activity and lots of unexpected events they have just welcomed two beautiful baby girls into their family! You can follow their BLOG for details! This is an extra special day for me, because I am an "auntie!"

If you want to understand the true spirit of adoption, don't look any further than the hearts of this couple! They heard there was a need, said yes, and got on a plane. They gave no consideration to the social/medical history of these little ones, didn't even ask their race, didn't worry that the bank account didn't match the anticipated costs, but just said YES! In fact, they didn't find out the race of their beautiful Asian/CC beauties until arrived at their destination.

There are babies TODAY that need homes! Babies today that need families to yes regardless of race, regardless of medical issues, and regardless of the sacrifice of finances.

If you have a yes in your heart please contact me to talk about how you can welcome a child in need of a loving family into your home!


Katie said...

the blog doesn't show up

sweet pics of the little ones!

Anonymous said...

Seeing this story unfold over the last few days has been so amazing. I was wondering if you could post about what exactaly a home study and profile entails. (If you have the chance :)

Angela B

Tracie said...

I did a Home Study post and will do a profile post soon!

:) hope that helps!
Are you here in KC, forgive me for not remembering who you are?

Tracie said...

I fixed the blog link.