Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Reasons to Use and Adoption Consultant

Four years ago when we began to pursue adoption the main thing that paralyzed me was the "I don't where to start, I don't want to wait forever, and I don't have any money..." list of issues in front of me. I had never heard of an "adoption consultant" until friends of ours told us about Amy Young.

I'm not trying to drum up business, though I would jump up and down at the opportunity to help you in your adoption journey. What I do want to do is give you my simple run down of why using an adoption consultant changed my whole view of what adopting a baby would be like!

Using an adoption consultant:
1. Provides added security, protection, and peace of mind during the adoption process.
2. Provides advice on financing adoption.
3. Allows for a shorter wait time.
4. Provides connections to multiple agencies in "adoption friendly" states on your behalf.
5. Answers all those little questions you have, every step of the way.

Honestly, the reason I'm working now for Christian Adoption Consultants is because of the amazing experience that we had with them during our adoption; and because I truly want to help others walk through the journey of adoption with a sense of peace and joy!

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